April 24, 2012

We live in El Paso, TX, as of 2 days ago.  It looks something like this:

That's the view from our back balcony.  
I've never lived in this area of the country before.  Alex hasn't either...I don't think.  
It's so dry.  As well as awesome. 
Aaaand we're here to sell VIVINT!!  We love the team, the company, the product.
Ya'll should get one.  But seriously.  ;)

I love our house.  Especially the part where it's really cool inside and like an oasis from the real weather.  Though I'm not complaining...the heat makes me happy too.  Because it means a tan.
In addition, the feel of this place reminds me of this one time that I went to the Virgin Islands with friends two years ago.  I recommend it to everyone.  I feel just as exotic living here too.

My husband was born to be a salesman.  ;)  It's a really cool lifestyle to have a door-to-door as a husband. It adds to our home.  ;)

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