June 14, 2013

Life is about time.  The way your life goes is determined by what fills your time, what you choose to do.  It's that simple.  And scary, really.  How easy it then becomes for your life to slip away without you actually doing what you want to do.  There are so many options within any single moment, and it is only up to you to choose what is not only best for you, but additionally, what will further your desires for your life as a whole.  Because you only reach the goal of passionate and fulfilled violinist by choosing to use your time in practicing.

The caution to "use your time wisely" then, is of relative meaning.  Because time wisely used, absolutely varies by individual.  Cleaning a house may be using time wisely for one, while making seemingly unremarkable phone calls is vital for another; because though a spotless house is certainly valuable, what sets it apart as a distinctly wise use of time is that it is immediately recognizable as such.  The calls, however, necessitate a compilation before the result is seen: they allowed for greater networking, which made a connection with a certain person, who is able to offer a service or idea that eventually propels the person to reach their goal of self-sustainability.

In the end, the idea is simple and beautiful: do what you love and what you want to find value in, and there you will create and find a fulfilled life.

April 13, 2013

Billy Joel, car pickers, type-A

I love listening to Billy Joel.  Without a doubt, his music makes me the happiest of any in the universe.  I know it's at least partly and probably entirely because of Alex, my husband.  Billy Joel's music describes a part of my life that I never want to forget.  It's a careless, bright, and innocently pure place that I am rushed back to.  It's when we were first falling hard for each other.  We were literally "just kids," 18 years old.  These songs mean happiness and hope to me.  

Alright, complete change of mood. Car pickers. Keeping up with me here?  Those that pick their nose while in their car--not because it's more acceptable to do it there, but because they think no one can see them!  But that's right, folks.  I can see you.  In fact, I'll have days when I'll pick two of you out.  It's an epidemic really.  I see it more and more.  And it never ceases to make me yell out loud in my car.  Something like, "come ON!" And it's usually men.  Just sayin'. 

So type-A driving.  That's what my mom recently said when she was visiting a few weeks back.  That she never knew I was a type-A driver.  
I have recently started to admit I have--not a problem--but something that needs to be harnessed.  I have no patience for stupid drivers.  Like absolutely none.  Which makes for some unnecessary rages that are embarrassing if anyone is in the car.  But why should it be, right?  It's THAT guy, not me!  
No, I just feel bad if Alex is ever in disbelief that I am so darn impatient and hot-headed that I'm freaking out at this single driver.  Sometimes I just can't help but yell though, especially if it's an event like this:
Guy turning right, I am driving straight.  I am approaching quickly because I drive a little more than the speed limit and drive like a boss.  For a reason beyond me, guy pulls out anyway, directly into my lane.  I must slam on my breaks because he pulls out RIGHT THERE.  WORST.
Give me an amen if you can feel my pain!  
Aight, pulling up on those reins. I could talk about that one for a stretch.  

In other news, I had to pass my puppy on to another woman.  Dang I miss him just looking at this picture.  Pathetic.  It's a long story why, but the nitty gritty is that Alex wasn't happy.  And, even though I don't always admit it, he IS more important than a dog. ;)

See?  A given. :)
But he's totally happy (Dax, that is).  I mean, this is his new backyard!

What a pimp. 

K, enough pictures.  Oh wait, no it's not.  I have to do picture overload because it's been a long time and I look very different now because I got extensions and we just had Easter and Alex did this Passion musical like a month ago at school with the guys in his awesome UVU acapella group he created and we went to temple square for LDS general conference with my sister last week and that's all for now.  Pictures can say so much more than me anyway. ;)

See?  That was like the reward after the long bit of writing I had at the top!   CA